BookBlock© By Matthew Conway

Book Block©
Design :: Matthew Conway

A beautiful shelf for precious books and ornaments.
Inspired by the simple workings of a woodworking bench, the principle of the dog and clamping. Japanese joinery; simply and exquisitely expressed in timber.
In a world of stuff, book bench offers an island on which to display the special things. Book Block© is a refuge from the clutter. Expressed simply and cleanly it does not add to the mayhem, it adds to the beauty of the world. It is a work that speaks quietly and does not shout, it is restrained in its execution. An element of human interaction is in the work, the interaction of the dog (peg) that is a moveable bookend.

We now stock these in The National Grid shop.




~ by madebybarrett on March 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “BookBlock© By Matthew Conway”

  1. looks great
    check my blog for more cool product designs:

  2. I like the simplicity. Very much!

    Two peices of material and a peg. Is that a dovetail joint at the back for fixing?


    The BIG Consultant – Product Design Sheffield
    – ‘it’s the little company with the BIG ideas’ – blog

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